The vagina is strengthened throughout its length by a layer of smooth muscle; this layer is complemented in the outer third by a very strong sheet of voluntary and involuntary muscles (called the ‘levator ani”) that, together with strong connective tissue layers, form the pelvic floor. Childbirth injuries, age and gravity all take their toll on these organs, stretching and tearing these supports, and often leaving permanent and worsening looseness of the vagina to the point of loss of sensation during sexual relations.

The resulting openness or ‘gaping’ of the lower vagina may cause physical discomfort due to prolapse, drying and pressure. (You may have some degree of this condition if you can ‘look into’ your vagina without first separating your labia.)

The vaginoplasty restores the tone of the lower vaginal musculature by tightening the vaginal diameter and trimming away the excess skin (mucosa). Sometimes after childbirth or episiotomy repair, some of the inner vaginal mucosa is “exteriorized,’ seeming to protrude through the vaginal opening onto otherwise smooth, normal skin. During a vaginoplasty, this vaginal skin can be either replaced into the vagina or simply removed, resulting in a clean, symmetrical appearance, with an improvement in function as well.

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